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Seeking HOA lawyer in California for financial issue

Seeking advice or new HOA lawyer specializing in collections in Southern California. HOA has a unit that hasn't had dues/assessments paid on it in almost 10 years. They tried to foreclose and sue early on. Obtained a judgment at that time, but the owners filed for bankruptcy and it was approved. The property was then transferred to an investment company. The investment company was forced into insolvency bankruptcy shortly thereafter and has since been owned by a bankruptcy trust for several years, with no end in sight. The unit continues to be rented and the trust continues to collect rent, but still no dues or assessments have been paid. The legal fees have racked up over the years, not to mention the HUGE outstanding dues/assessments.

What are board meeting minute requirements in NJ?

How precise should open meeting minutes be kept ? We are a 125 unit so hiring a professional would be our last option.

It seems a few vindictive ex-board members are pot stirrers with an ax to grind. Having attended the last meeting and reading the proposed minutes, I can say it is ironic that there was no mention of their shouting and bad behavior.


Owner in IL hires lawyer to address damages, board resigns

I live in an 8 unit building on the garden level.


Legal news on special assessments for legal fees and more


Lansing, Illinois senior discovered misappropriation and fraud. Now what?

Our condo (8 units), built in 1975 was in pristine condition. It has come to our attention that the former president/secretary was "fixing" the books from 2000 to now. We're a senior association, and trust was a strong factor.


Need an HOA Loan?

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