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Owner in IL hires lawyer to address damages, board resigns


I live in an 8 unit building on the garden level.

In June, I began to notice water coming in. My hardwood floors and drywall are now completely destroyed. My floor looks like waves and I have black mold.

I had to force the HOA to file a claim with the building's insurance, however only the liability applies. The insurance will only cover the interior of my unit, and states the foundation (common element) must be fixed by the HOA.

In the 5 months this has been going on, the board only got one quote for $32K, and said it was too much money and did not even try to obtain any other quotes.

The additional 3 quotes that came in were obtained by me since the board was doing nothing.

When I finally figured out they were stalling and hired a lawyer, the entire board resigned. Can they even do that?

The insurance company is ready to cut my check to fix my unit, however it makes more sense to fix the interior and exterior at the same time.

What are my options here? The attorney I hired is trying to get my whole deal rescinded, as there is evidence that this was an issue before I purchased and it was never disclosed by the developer.

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