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Remediation company took apart entire bathroom to check for mold!


This question is submitted by Philip K. out of San Francisco, CA

I have a Condominium in a 15 Unit Building with HOA. I was traveling during Christmas and was out of the country when I got a call from HOA that there was water coming out of my place to the common area. HOA called a locksmith to get into the place and called a plumber and a remediation company to fix the issue. It turned out that sewage water was coming out of the toilet and bathtub possibly from blockage of the main sewer line. The remediation company had to take the entire bathroom a part to check for any mold.

I filed a claim with my home insurance and have been in contact with them but the HOA/property management company and insurance company are taking a significant amount of time (>1 month) to get back to me so that I can start work to rebuild the bathroom and floors. I'm wondering if there is anything more that I can do to move along the process, or whether this is normal. Any insight you have would be very helpful. Thank you


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