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Need insurance payments for repair project in my condo


The Master Association knows and has agreed and their insurance companies have given us a Claim Number, when the pipes were fixed for 3 town homes down from me in 2014 each homeowner had to pay $1,000 a piece plus Lowery Redevelopment gave us $23,000 for the repairs only to find out the company that did the repairs placed the sewer pipe upright instead o down to flow into the city sewer drainage. The sewage problem happened September 19 2020 and there have been 2 HOA Insurance Adjusters, their choice of Restoration Company came twice. The HOA insurance companies (2) say they have to pay it has now been 6 months and my laundry room into the dining room is still trashed I have a 4 foot hole in my down stairs bathroom and the upstairs bathroom floor is torn apart. All point to the property manager to make the call when this repair will take place and she keeps saying wait, wait, wait. need one more piece of information. I do not not know what to do. My insurance adjuster can do nothing until the Restoration Company and their Insurance company come up with a settlement price.  Please help. 


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