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Seeking new HOA lawyer specializing in collections in California. HOA has a unit that hasn't had dues/assessments paid on it in almost 10 years.

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It seems a few vindictive ex-board members are pot stirrers with an ax to grind. Having attended the last meeting and reading the proposed minutes, I can say it is ironic that there was no mention of their shouting and bad behavior.

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I had to force the HOA to file a claim with the building's insurance, however insurance will only cover the interior of my unit, and states the foundation (common element) must be fixed by the HOA.

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Here is some interesting news on several legal fronts that will be of interest to many condo dwellers in the latest issue of CAI Law Reporter.

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It has come to our attention that the former president/secretary was "fixing" the books from 2000 to now. We're a senior association, and trust was a strong factor.

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