Condo owner can't find anyone to pin blame on for damaged garage door

Can't prove landscaper this past winter doing snow removal at my MA condo caused garage door damage, so won't pay for repairs. Property manager says it's my problem too since I can't prove it and so does HOA. The garage door repairman says that damage wasn't because of age or use. Who should pay?  Massachusetts.

Do all condo owners need to vote on new capital improvements?

Two years ago, the Board of Trustees voted to have a shed erected on a section of common ground. The board decided to do this because we are self-managed association and have a maintenance man who does the necessary repairs. The shed was needed to store materials, ladders, tools, etc. There was no question from any of the residents as to the legality of building the shed. The board has now decided to put in a drive leading to the shed because the constant driving over the grass has begun to erode the lawn making ruts and, in general, making that area a bit messy. Now, one of the residents has decided that the board is overstepping its bounds by not having a vote on this expenditure of $2,100. He is claiming this is a capital expenditure and it needs to be approved by the residents. The board feels that, since there was no need for a vote for the shed, the drive is necessary to (1) complete the shed and (2) improve the area around the shed which is getting close to shabby. Should the board go ahead with this drive without putting it to a vote? Can this be called a capital expenditure?

Owner questions condo association finances

My condo board claims they took a big loss doing snow removal last winter. I have to pay a fee of $56.31 a month for 6 months, which is hard for me as I am retired and on a fixed budget. Yet they opened and maintain the pool which I never use and hardly anyone else. I say, since we had a bad winter expense, why don't they take it out of the summer expenses? When I moved in 18 years ago, the papers I signed said they would remove my snow with money from my condo fee. What's up with that?  Massachusetts. 

Should condo association remove overgrown tree for safety?

I am a trustee in a small 8 unit condo association. Most of us enjoy gardening and we decided that the owner of each unit can take care of the small area in front of each unit. Some have planted and replanted a number of times, one person tore out everything because she doesn't like to garden. And a third person has just let the original plants an trees take over. The overgrown tree is dying and leaning over his driveway. Should the condo association just remove the tree for safety reasons? Do we need to charge this person for the cost or just do it because it's getting dangerous? Those of us on the board are just at a loss as to how to handle this. I think we should just remove it. It is an original tree from the contractor.
Mary R Massachusetts

Can you please define association "common ground"?

I live in seven unit townhouse. I am little confuse about common ground. I was told that anyone can sit on my steps barbecue in the front and back of my townhouse. Please explain about common ground.  Massachusetts.

Removed snow myself. Do I still need to pay snow removal assessment?

We received an assessment for removing ice dams and snow. Our association has a policy that they only repair the roof when there are leaks.  After a record snow year the roof was over loaded with snow and we had huge ice dams.  The association hired a 2 man crew to repair leaks and they worked for 30 days. Almost 85% of the people had leaks. All the units surrounding me had $10,000 or more in damages. I was not going to be on a 7 day waiting list while my unit joined the group. I spent 30+ hours removing snow and ice to protect my unit from disaster. The board president told me that I should have waited for the roof to leak. No snow or ice was ever removed from my unit.  Do I have a case? I did pay the assessment, since Massachusetts law requires it.

Dysfunctional, self-managed condo association needs professional help

Legal question for MA Condo Associations: I have posted a question in the past regarding my Condo Association. In summary, we are a self-managed 4-unit non-functioning association. Since my initial inquiry, the problems have escalating to the point where we may lose our insurance due to their inaction. We each have equal vote/equal responsibility. Does anyone have direct knowledge of MA Condo Laws in which an owner can petition a judge to mandate the hiring of a property manager due to the inability to cooperate and probable losses that may occur as a result?  Massachusetts

Is the street on our condo association development public?

In our development are three units that do not belong to the association, does this legally qualify our streets as public streets?  Massachusetts

Can MA condo association have board without chairperson?

I belong to a condo association in Methuen, Massachusetts. We have a board with no chairperson. Is this considered unconstitutional per MA state law?

Bank fights condo late fees on foreclosed unit

A bank has foreclosed on a mortgage for a condo unit which is 11 months delinquent in paying condo fees. How are late fees to be assessed? The bank is stating that a $25 per month late fee is unlawful. i.e. 11 x $25 for the oldest delinquent fee, 10 x $25 for the next.  Massachusetts. 


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