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Is HOA or unit owner responsible for fire sprinkler repairs in MA?

The last 15 units of a 70 unit condo complex had to have anti-freeze fire sprinkler systems installed.

For example, our 6 unit group (townhouses) has one unit with the master controls in it sending water to all the other units ,where portions of that unit's system are charged with antifreeze and sent to sprinklers in attics and the garage.


Can MA owner install solar panels in spite of architectural rules?

I live in a small condo complex in southeastern MA (23 units). I want to install solar panels, but the association insists that the rules and regulations prohibit any architectural changes.


Cape Cod condo now declared "transient" by the town

Our condo was a motel changed into a condo. The building was built in 1964. The developer did not pull a permit and the town (so we were told) that they were unaware of it.


Owners in MA having hard time reasoning with board

My husband and I live in a 24-unit condo in MA.


How can association in MA force owner to evict a bad tenant?

What remedies are available to an association to compel a unit owner to to remove a tenant for seriously bad behavior, assuming prior notification of problem and repeat of offenses?

Is a majority vote required to change master docs in MA?

Is there a provision in Mass. General Laws ch. 183 or FHA or Mass. caselaw etc., that provides that trustees are required to obtain prior approval of a majority of unit owners prior to amending the association's master documents?

Dennis Port, MA condo trustees assess for repair with no detail available

Our condo Board of Trustees collected a special assessment of $600 per condo owner times forty five units for a total of $27,000 to affect repairs on the condo pool. Despite repeated efforts and requests, the condo Board of Trustees has not released the following: (1) the original estimate for repairs upon which the special assessment for $600.00 per condo owner times forty five units ($27,000.00) was based; and (2) a complete and final breakdown of all costs associated with the pool repairs so that owners such as myself can compare and contrast the original repair estimate with final costs. What can I and/or any other condo owner do to get the Board of Trustees to provide this information? Is there a state organization or department (State of Massachusetts) that I can contact that will assist me in obtaining this data? If there a Massachusetts state organization or department that will, if requested, conduct an audit of the condominium association financial records to ensure that all is correct? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Dennis Port, MA.

Owner sues condo association for winter damage. Can master insurance pay?

As a new board member I have a question about insurance and who is responsible. We have a unit owner who is suing the Association for $15,000 for ice dam issues this winter. Our master policy has a $10,000 deductible and the unit owner is refusing to accept the difference and wants us to paid the full $15,000. Are we responsible to pay the whole thing as she claims it was due to gutters/ roof which are common elements. She owned the unit but rented it and states her insurance company rejected her claim because she wasn't insured for ice damage cover. She has claimed damage to every room and has just replaces every window in the unit. There are several unit owners who had similar issues but covered the damage under their home owner policies (walls in) and my understanding is that we paid anything over the deductible. If we paid this owner the full amount are we opening ourselves up to suits. There are 120 units, townhouse style in buildings of four and I just think we would be liable for a tremendous amount. Thanks for any help. Massachusetts.

No pet policies in MA

What is happening with no pet policies with regards to companion and service animals?

What should MA association consider when shifting to self-management?

I am a Trustee in a small condo association in MA consisting of only 9 units. We are considering a transition from 3rd party management to self-management for many reasons that I won't go into right now.



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