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    Our condo association insurance adjuster showed up late

    Is it a common practice for an insurance adjuster for the master policy to show up days or weeks after the incident and after repairs of the unit have been completed or over 50% of repairs completed. Other than emergency issues that needed immediate attention. This is in Massachusetts.

    No one wants the responsibility of being on HOA board

    We have a small condo association in Massachusetts which is Non-Profit and under 20 units. We have a requirement of a minimum of three Trustees and a maximum of seven. The bylaws also delineate 3 Officer positions (Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary) and why the duties are specified, there is no mention that these have to be 3 different persons. i.e you may have a Secretary who is also a Treasurer or Chairperson, etc, While it is not ideal, I did find that in many states like Florida, especially non-profits, laws like Section 617.0840(4) allow individuals to occupy more than one office. We don't have a problem finding Trustees, but do have a problem finding Officers, with often no one wanting to be either the Chairperson or Treasurer. The rules get murky with appointments and the court when it comes to when an office is not filled. While hiring an outside company to do the bookkeeping, etc., it still does not absolve the need to have a Treasurer for example. Have any other small associations dealt with this?

    Can association remove handicap ramp eyesore?

    Owner had a wheelchair ramp built to her unit owner supposedly requested approval from the property manager who never informed the board. Owner has passed away ramp is an eyesore is not being maintained by daughter who now rents unit and tenants do not seem to need this ramp. Propwerty manager got a legal opinion that says we cannot force the daughter to take it down and the association should maintain it to prevent injury and possible insurance claim as it is partially on common area. Property manager tells the board that the association can remove the ramp which the board has voted to do. I wonder could the association can bill the daughter for the demolition and repair of common area. Massachusetts

    How does exiting condo board member transition funds?

    For the last few years, I have been the only Trustee of a three (3) unit condominium in Massachusetts. One owner is absentee (rents his unit). Another owner has no interest in anything to do with the condo other than paying monthly condo dues. Meetings, management, care & maintenance of the building are of NO interest to the either of the other owners; nor do they wish to become trustees. Separately, a management company is, unfortunately, of no interest to the other owners.

    Due to a recent family tragedy, health issues of another member of the family and the undue burden of having to take care of condominium issues alone, I am contemplating resigning and would seek to record such resignation with my county's registry of deeds. The resignation option does exist in the docs and I would notify the other owners by certified mail should I decide to move forward with the resignation.

    ****THE QUESTION I HAVE IS***** → WHAT can I do with existing funds (both operating & reserves in particular) in conjunction with my contemplated resignation? Can I hire an agent/attorney to hold the funds until such time as someone other than me decides to take on a role in the management of the condominium? I do not want to improperly abandon the funds in the bank.

    I could easily pay down 'operating funds' to a zero ($0) balance and close the operating account. The other owners could then elect to become trustees any time they like and re-establish a new operating account.

    Another account holds reserves and I would prefer not to disburse these funds – I am not looking for that answer if possible. This is the account/funds that I am most interested in handing over to a professional if it is permissible.

    I have tried to communicate all of the above to the owners to no avail. I do not want this burden anymore. I can't do it.

    Thank you in Advance for you replies.


    How to change trustees in Massachusetts condo trust?

    What steps are needed to change Trustees on Condo trust agreement in Massachusetts. My online searches come up with little guidance. Here are specifics:

    We are a 4-owner self-managed association. The original trust agreement has the previous owner who owned the entire property prior to the condo conversion. He and his wife remained as trustee and no others were added. Now, he has sold the last unit and is no longer a trustee. So, we need to 1. remove the original owners altogether; 2. add the new owners.

    My mass.gov search didn't outline steps so I'm hoping someone here can help fill in some missing details from start to finish. I assume we'll also need to hire an attorney.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    How can managment company take fees from repair funds?

    Our property management firm has charged us a management fee on an insurance claim.


    MA condo owner denied handicap spot

    My Massachusetts condo has refused me a handicapped parking spot, citing the fact that private property does not have to accommodate me.


    No one will fix mailbox locks, but they keep charging us

    Can condo associations charge homeowners for the mailbox on the property?


    Questions about fees for owners who rent their condos

    Can an association charge a fee for owners who rent their units?


    Should property manager's company be winning all bids for repair work?

    Our property manager has a parent company that does work (of all kinds) through out the properties.

    They manage painting, shoveling, deck replacing, patio repairing etc. While they do a good job, we should be establishing relationships with other vendors. For capital work done by this company, the property manager gets 10% as the management supervisor.


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