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What should MA association consider when shifting to self-management?

I am a Trustee in a small condo association in MA consisting of only 9 units. We are considering a transition from 3rd party management to self-management for many reasons that I won't go into right now.


Can MA association assess only owners who can't pay upfront for repairs?

Our association has zero reserves. We need to have an assessment for a facade repair.

Is it allowed, in Massachusetts, to offer owners two options like:

1-Pay in full for example 10k or

2-Pay in installments but at an interest rate of X%?


Can trustees change docs without majority vote in MA?

Our master condo docs appear to be silent as to the trustees' ability to make changes to the docs without the vote of the majority of Unit owners.


Does owner in MA have to hand her insurance check over to association?

I am trying to understand how condo insurance relating to claims payments works. I am often asked questions by owners and work hard to find the information.

An owner recently had an insurance issue and received the check from their insurance company for the $5,000 claim amount.


Can amended rules allow for fines higher than those given in declaration of trust?

Our Trustees recently ratified and recorded Amended Rules & Regulations. These new Rules include a violation fine structure which is inconsistent with the "not to exceed" fee for violations included in our Declaration of Trust.


MA condo association required to have CPA review, but starting in which year?

According to the MA Chapter #183A, once we reach 50 units (which we did in April 2014) the board is required to have an annual review done by a CPA.


Watertown Mass trustee has had it with disengaged owners!

I am the sole Trustee of a 9-unit, self-managed condo association.

I also do all of the cleaning, maintenance & general upkeep of the property. In addition, I also take care of any other issues that may arise. I am paid a very small, insulting stipend per month for my services.


Should garage flooding fix be paid by both owners? Norwood, MA

I live in a duplex condo. common area driveway floods my garage. The HOA is myself and one other unit member. The other unit member will not help me pay to fix the problem.


Chelsea MA: how we implement fines, penalties and other assessments?

Should a Trust Association have a schedule of fines, penalties, other assessments stating the reason/infraction and the dollar amount?  Also additional dollar amounts for 2nd, 3rd, & further occurrences of the same infractions to ensure even-handed and defensible fines charged?  Chelsea, MA


Boston property manager always wins work. Should association have more control?

Our property manager has a parent company that does work (of all kinds) through out the properties they manage painting, shoveling, deck replacing, patio repairing etc. While the people do do a good job we should be establishing relationships with other vendors. 



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