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    Other condo unit has sunroom.  Why can't we?

    We purchased our condo in 2012 and wanted to screen in our back deck which is partially a common area. There is a "sunroom" built on common area of another condo. I was voted down at a meeting because it is against the bylaws. They will not discuss with me why another unit was able to close there after the bylaws were in effect. do I have legal recourse?

    Stomping above is driving downstairs owners crazy

    Anyone have ideas for limiting noise coming from an upper unit?


    Garage not listed on plat of Missouri condo

    I own a condo with a garage in Missouri. I am the only unit out of 133 units where you can exit through the back of the garage directly onto my deck, and from there into the back door. This is a convenient arrangement.


    Internal cracks related to foundation sinking - who pays in MO?

    My mother's condo has internal wall cracks resulting from the common building foundation sinking.


    Does MO HOA have to file a tax return?

    We are a small villa community of seniors. Does our HOA have to file a tax return for just collecting dues and paying set expenses?


    Any legal recourse for MO owner wanting to screen in deck?

    We purchased our condo in 2012 and want to screen in our back deck which is partially a common area.

    There is a "sunroom" built on common area of another condo.


    Broken pipe in common wall - who pays water damage in my unit?

    If a pipe breaks inside the walls of the building (common pipe), is the Association resposible for water damage/mildew to walls inside my unit? I am in Minneapolis, MO.

    St. Louis MO leaking roof - is owner or association responsible?

    I own a condo on the 1st floor of a 6 unit building.

    Mine is the only unit with an extra room off of the back with its own roof. I recently had water get in, damaging the ceiling, and it also looks like it will need a new roof.


    Kansas City, MO condo with cracks galore; association won't take action

    I purchased my condo 7 years ago and 4 years ago notified the condo association that their was some movement in the floor. I am on the top floor. They had someone come in and said it was nothing but they would keep an eye on it.


    Looking for HOA lawyer in St. Louis area

    Can anyone recommend an attorney in St. Louis. Most I have contacted will only represent the association.

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