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Kansas City, MO condo with cracks galore; association won't take action


I purchased my condo 7 years ago and 4 years ago notified the condo association that their was some movement in the floor. I am on the top floor. They had someone come in and said it was nothing but they would keep an eye on it.

Two years ago, I requested another look because cracks in the basement of the unit was cracking and it seemed like my floor was slanting more. They still said it was not an issue. I then contacted the City of Maryland Heights Building Commissioner who sent someone out and said there was a problem and it did need to be fixed but they would at that time not condemn the building. They then notified the association who again sent someone out that then agreed there is a problem.

This was about 8 months ago. I am now developing cracks in my walls, my windows are cracking. They had an engineer come out a month ago but still the association claims even though they hired this person they have no measurements or time frame for getting this fixed. In the meantime they say the inside is my responsibility.

I know this but the damage has been caused by their negligence in fixing the problem to begin with. Do I have any other options besides hiring an attorney? The condo below me has more damage than mine, and the other two in the building have not been notified except through me because the board requested the building representative not to say anything to them because they, in their opinion were not involved.

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