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Can condo association selectively assess units?

We are a 20-year old condo association of 64 units in 16 4-unit buildings. Each unit has a flat roof over a veranda that everyone has enclosed. The flat roofs were a developer’s bad design and we have been dealing with leaks ever since. The current board has finally figured out that the unsolvable leaks have been occurring in the 2-bedroom units because of the design differences in the peaked roof meeting up with the flat roof and the absence of a gutter that might have helped and a ½ moon window over the flat roof that makes it difficult to flash properly.

The Ohio condo association was set up with the 28 2-bedroom units and 36 3-bedroom units paying monthly dues based on “par value adjustment.” Currently, the 3-bedroom units pay approximately 13% more than the 2-bedroom units.

Legal had advised us that the association is responsible for maintenance of the flat roofs. With the flat roof problem being identified only to the 2-bedroom units and the remedy (other than continual patching) is estimated at $3,000 each (x28 units = $84,000), can we assess only the 2-bedroom units? Any thoughts? This doesn’t seem to be addressed in our docs.

Paying bills with earmarked reserve funds

We have a reserve asset for a new pool.


Partying tentants and timid board

When a complaint is made to the board by an owner regarding tenants, (younger people partying - ok within normal standards) that leads to yelling in the halls & stairs and using profanity  on their deck until 5 AM, who is responsible for handling the situation?


Tricky monthly fee disclosures and OH condo transactions

Condo sellers: I recently learned if an owner is paying an association a monthly maintenance fee AND a separate monthly assessment, when you go to sell, you can merely add them both and disclose that TOTAL as a monthly fee on bottom of page 3 of the Ohio disclosure statement.


Can board watch resident with security cameras?

I live in a condominium and management they has put up security cameras.


How to stop smoking in common areas in OH

Does anyone have any suggestions for approaches that can be made to stop smoking in common areas?


What to do about contradictory bylaws in OH

I recently purchased a condo in Ohio. The bylaws are old, and they contradict themselves. Many things have changed since these by laws were created.


How can OH condo owner get repairs done?

I have owned a condo for more then 8 yrs. My condo fee has done nothing but go up, and the association has repaired absolutely nothing.


Who should pay to stop tree from damaging deck in OH?

I am the original owner of a condo built 16 years ago. The builder left a tree very close to my deck. He said when the time came it could be cut down.


Security light catches fire due to nest in OH

Out front of the condo we rent, is a common area where there are a couple tall security lights.


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