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Security light catches fire due to nest in OH


security-light-on-fireOut front of the condo we rent, is a common area where there are a couple tall security lights.

One of these has had a birds nest in it, (that appears to have gotten larger each spring), for years.

I am acquainted with 2 of the board members. One of them told me that the nest was reported for the first time 4 years ago, with numerous reports following.

Nothing has ever been done to clean out the nest. It has been a concern of many due to the fire hazard the bright burning bulb creates, being on from dusk until dawn.

Well almost 2 weeks ago the inevitable happened and the nest caught on fire, thankfully during the evening when we happened to be in the common area.

The fire department had to be called. This particular light stands directly next to a tree with some of its branches touching the top, where the flames were coming out.

No one shut off the electricity flowing to this security light as far as I know. No one has touched it since the fire.

So, not only is the security of the light gone, it is still a potential hazard. Past experience with this condo association leads us to assume that they will do nothing about the light.

Since there was a fire and potentially electricity still present, is there no way of going "over their heads"?

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