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No interest being charged; can it be recovered?

Six years ago, my HOA had a really big special assessment. Owners could either pay it all at once, or pay it over 10 years with interest.


Legal news on special assessments for legal fees and more


Trees blocking neighbor's junk are dying at condo in Oregon

HELP!!!! The beautiful trees that block my neighbors junk are dying and my condo manager says NOT responsible - landscape people just mow.


Association tax forms: H&R Block suggests Schedule C

I know I need Form 1120-H federal form but am not sure which form for state of Oregon? I was told by H & R Block I needed Schedule C but the President of the Association thinks that is wrong. 

Seeking elevator installation advice for condo associations

I am part of a condo association in Oregon. We have two buildings, A & B. We would like to install an elevator in Building B, for use by owners and their guests, to access floors 2 & 3. There are no elevators currently. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Do we need to establish a separate LLC or association for ownership? We would pay for the installation by dividing between the owners, I think. Any experience, suggestions, advice, etc..?

Owners owe HOA $11K in fees due to medical issues

We are co-owners of two side by side units on Yaquina Bay on the Oregon coast. We are both disabled. I am in a wheelchair. We have no mortgage on the units, but the HOAs are hurting us. We have owned the units since 2011. The fees are $1,050 month for both units. We have fallen behind in fees mainly medical issues. We are now fixed income. In July 2014 we paid the HOA over $20,000. Now we owe over $11,000 because they pu a lien on the condos, and charged lawyer fees. Their next step is foreclosure. One unit is rented. One empty. Should we hire a lawyer? We don't want to file bankruptcy. Can we sell one unit to pay HOAs in full and continue renting out one? How much time do we have before we have no rights at all. We are so stressed. Cannot afford lawyer unless he takes payments or condo sold. Please HELP!!

Does owner of condo in foreclosure have voting rights?

We are in the process of amending our Declaration of Unit Ownership. Passage requires yes votes of 75% of owners. How is a property in foreclosure considered in this situation? Is it counted as an "owned" property for purposes of the election tally? Louis, Oregon.

Need an HOA Loan?

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