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Advice on budgeting for reserves in RI

I am looking for a metric that helps to determine what an adequate amount of reserve funds a condo association should include in its annual budget.


What can RI residents do about fees that they are unable to pay?

condo-property-management-feesWe have had the following Increases in maintenance fees:
FY2011 - maintenance fees were $180. Residents were having difficulties paying, therefore could not vote on the increase or change in management.


Board president arbritrarily nixes satellite dish on patio - Narragansett, RI

I am on my condo Board. We also have a management company.  I asked the management if I could have a satellite dish (20" diameter and mounted on pole on my patio).  They gave me an architectural change request form but then told me the president of my association said no.  The request wasn't even brought before the Board at a meeting; it was simply denied by the president of our board.

This whole situation seems very wrong to me. First, since we have no policy or stipulations in our rules and regulations, I believe the request should have at least gone before the board.  Second, I believe we should have an architectural committee to whom such requests should be presented.


RI condo association having transition problems

I was happy to find your site. We are a small condo association in Rhode Island. We are a three tiered system we have 13 cottages that are individual owned and are par of one association. Then we have two large house with two units each. Next we have a third "Association" called the Master Association. All three associations have a board of directors. We will eventually be governed by the board of the master. This master will have 2 directors from each member associations. The declarant has transferred association management for the cottages (site condos) to the "cottages". He has not transferred to the "Manorhouse" or "Master". Now he wants to transfer management to us for the Master and "Manorhouse". He has not finished the landscaping, completed the road with berms or fixed drainage problems in the roadway. We want to tell him that we will not accept the transfer until he fixes the problems. Can this be done? His lawyer sent us an email on Friday after noon to set-up a meeting to transfer on this Wednesday, July 1 - giving us 3 days notice. In his notice he states "Pursuant to the condominium documents, Pleasant Street Court, L.L.C. shall be transferring declarant control over the affairs of the Pleasant Street Master Condo Association and the Pleasant Street Manorhouse Condo Association, effective June 29 2015.

We sold condo but got snow removal bill anyway

My husband and I sold our condo on 4/8/2015. Today we received in the mail at our new address an invoice dated 6/1/2015 for "Condo fee for snow removal expense" in the amount of $175.00. Our position is that we don't owe it since it was not presented in the closing documents. We were cleared to close, so our thought it that would not have happened if there were any outstanding fees or assessments due. Are we correct?

Rhode Island condo owner troubled by Board members' fee delinquencies

I am a member of a Rhode Island Condo Association. I just learned that three of our Board members have not paid their condo fees in over two years. As well, they voted against a recent proposal that would require Board members to be up-to date on their current condo association fees, and are telling people who inquire about delinquency identities that the information cannot be provided due to privacy laws.

The Condo Association is in major financial trouble, in part due to this. What recourse do other Condo Association members have in this situation, if we cannot get enough votes to replace these members?


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