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Who is charge of common area problems at condo building?

I live in a 2 story 8 unit condo building. When my neighbor upstairs uses her dryer, the dust, heat and smell comes through the exhaust fan in my wife's bathroom. Is this an owner problem or a problem of the homeowners regime?  South Carolina.

Who pays when shutter falls off and damages car?

A shutter fell off my neighbor's townhome, hitting my vehicle and causing $1,300 in damage. Who should pay for repairs?


Board raises dues with no notice

Can a condo association raise monthly fees without an annual meeting, and without disclosing the budget?


Renters with large and problematic dogs in SC condo

We have a renter (1 year lease) that has dog/dogs that are urinating on the common property (stairs, carpets and in the lava rock around the pool) that creates an odor.


Condo Renters in SC with smoke damage and no renter's insurance

My wife and I recently rented a townhome. There is an HOA ,but as renters we are not subject to pay, nor do we have voting rights.

We suffered minor water damage from the recent flooding. But when the rain was near ending, the unit attached to ours caught on fire. The smoke from the fire traveled into our unit and filled our townhouse.


Can HOA board receive kickback from rental companies?

The HOA board in our oceanfront building (condominium) in South Carolina has decided to give annual contracts to several vacation rental companies. The rental companies must abide by certain rental policies or they will not renew their annual contract plus the companies must pay 2% of their gross rental revenue to the board. Is that legal? Has anyone ever heard of this?


New Builder Wants to Reduce Services to Meet Shortfall

We reside in a 55+ community in SC consisting of single family homes but much of the maintenance is covered by our hoa dues. Our development was recently sold to another builder to complete the build out (about 43 homes to be built).


Condo owner requesting handicapped access at Association's expense

I live in a private South Carolina Condo Association that was built in 1985. 

One of the condo owners is demanding that the Condo Association pay for handicapped access to his shared entrance, common areas, and boat ramp.

The Condo Association was built prior to government regulations for handicapped access.  Who should be responsible for this cost?


How does each state regulate property managers differently?

I'm interested in finding how each state regulates the HOA /condo association property managers?


Bankruptcy limbo: who pays monthly association fees between owners?

Our association in South Carolina is comprised of 80 units, most of which are 2nd homes. We have had a couple of owners who were delinquent in monthly dues file bankruptcy and surrender their units to their mortgage companies as part of the bankruptcies. The problem is that the bankruptcies were discharged over 4 months ago and the banks or mortgage companies still have not foreclosed on the units so the deed remains in the former owners name. My question is who, if anyone is responsible for the monthly regime fees while these units remain in limbo?


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