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14 Questions Your HOA Should be Asking Before Hiring a Property Manager


What specific questions should you be asking property managers before hiring them?  Here are 14 questions you may consider asking.

  1. How many condo associations does each of your property managers handle?
  2. How often will the property manager be onsite?
  3. Are your property managers certified with the CAI?
  4. What is your policy on bidding annual property management contracts?
  5. How do you handle unit owner requests for issues within their units?
  6. If you do work in a unit how is billing handled?  Is this work handled outside the association operations?
  7. Ask for references of other condo associations or properties that have been under property management for atleast 5 years.
  8. How does the condo association or HOA receive monthly financial statements from the property manager; email, snailmail, etc...?  How many days after the month's end will the financials be delivered?
  9. What sets you apart from other property managers?
  10.  What's the biggest challenge in property managing HOA's and condo associations?
  11.  How many onsite meetings does the property manager provide?
  12.  What is included in the monthly property management fee and what additional charges may we incurr?
  13.  What payment options are available for the collections of assessments by property managers?
  14.  How does the property manger handle delinquent condo unit owners?

Scott Wolf


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