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Abandoned cats on HOA property


In our state there are many abandoned cats due to irresponsible owners leaving them behind, some have been unaltered females.
After hurricane Katrina was the worst so neighbors that live in a nearby community asked if I could help because kittens were being run over and killed while hiding from the rain.. The board was part of the effort and slowly but surely we TNR over 75 kitties as well as the moms and dads over the course of all these years I continued to feed, TNR any others coming in from other communities, and provide vet care. The current population is 7, the youngest 8 yrs old. I do this in 3 communities.
These cats are fed on a concrete slab that houses the pool pump away from people traffic and I wait to clean and disinfect.
The management company liked the fact that the cats were controlled, healthy and vetted and because I have been a neighbor o the community for over 20 years I was always welcomed and I'm the go to person for injured and sick kitties.
Last November a new owner arrived at the property and started to complain about the cats, the management company didn't do anything because they have known me forever so one morning while feeding they called the police on me and I was removed from the property like a criminal, the officers just kept saying "you don't live here" and the office was not opened yet so I could not get any support. The office couldn't give me anything signed for fear of them suing but sent me a message saying "the board is aware of what you we don't prohibit you from coming in here"
By law you can't denied food ,water, or aid to an animal in Miami Dade County  what are my options?

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