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Bad ceiling fan installation keeps condo neighbor up at night


I reside in a six-unit condo-conversion, 2 units per floor. Building has been condo since 1979. I am on the 3rd floor. Owners below me installed a ceiling fan incorrectly in the bedroom immediately beneath mine, resulting in what sounds like a Mack truck running under my floor all night long. You can even feel the floorboards vibrating when it is on, and you can hear the noise throughout the apartment, not just in the bedroom, it is that loud. I asked them to correct it, they said it was installed by the father of one of the owners, who 'knows what he is doing.' I offered to pay for an electrician to remount the fan, they declined. They agreed not to run the fan after 10PM, and they mostly keep to this agreement (which makes no sense, but since I get to sleep, I'm fine with it). The problem is that they are now in the process of selling their unit, problematic fan installation still in place. What are their responsibilities to correct this pre-existing issue before passing it on to new buyers? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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