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By CondoAssociation.com • April 15, 2017

Bad condo association: Should I stay or should I go?

We have a 30 unit self managed condo association. The officers are 3 people all friends. As far as bills being paid and repairs done, they do fine. However when the president decided he want to do something he just does it. His friend and across the hall neighbor has the check book so you see what I'm going after - is there a spending limit on property improvements that can be made? I know emergency repairs or replacement is not the issue, but major things like they want to rebuild the parking lot and just send out a special assessment of over $3k with out a vote of owners.  Our bylaws are 30+ years old and I think I read about a certain limit $3k for repairs that they can approve on their own, the association has lawyers on retainer but only the president has access to them. Also, they have meetings when they want to. I can't see anything in the bylaws regarding when meeting have to be held. Are there any resources to see if the owners have any recourse? I know some will say run for president. I was president when we formed this group but they managed to make me resign - it was the 3 against 1 rule vote. I may try to recruit some others from here but no one wants to start anything no time or interest. Also, we have other issues as they rewrote the rules and regulations to suit them. Yes, you think I am jealous because of what they are doing. Not so. I live by the rules but sometimes they will bend for themselves I know I should move but that's running away from the battle.

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