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Can condo association force us to buy new windows?


We are replacing our condo windows. Got approval from Condo Association (took 2 months). The association asked that our installer gives the installation guideline. I showed the guidelines which includes a diagram of installation. The installer (class A contractor with 30+ experience & his co. has long term employees) told me this is a guideline for new construction which would be very expensive to do. What he was going to do is to replace windows and would comply with look of the building color and look. He guaranties quality of his company's workmanship. The property manager only works with one installer who charges twice as much as our installer would charge. My question is, does condo association have the right to force us to pay for “new construction installation” rather than replacing windows? The association told us that with their installation guidelines, the window would last longer since we are on top of the mountain and the weather is a little rough. Winter can be windy and cold (single digit temp). Our installer told us that is not true and the windows have a lifetime warranty. I tend to believe our contractor since he is an expert and the the Board members are not window expert. We have no ARB, only one board that does all.  Thank you for any advice you can give.  Virginia

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