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Can condo manager tally election results offsite?


We are a 78 unit condo development in NYC. Our condo is about to hold an election but instead of counting the votes during our annual meeting our Board of Managers has made the decision that the votes will be tallied offsite at the office of the Management company. Previously, the votes were counted during the meeting as it states in the "order of Business" section of our bylaws. Last year they had the votes counted at the management company but we ended up with the same exact Board (person whose term was up got reelected). They never gave us a count and we never received any minutes from the meeting. Our Board of Managers aren't the most trustworthy group of people and we have one Board member who is the typical bully. My question is, shouldn't we follow the "order of business" as it is outlined in our bylaws? It reads ..."election of managers (in the event there is an election)". doesn't that mean you elect the managers at the meeting?

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