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Can I sue association for condo damages?


live in a high rise in SW Florida. My condo was recently flooded do to a broken water line to a ice maker from a condo right above me. Here are some of the issues that I am facing, the owner was not present when the water was turned on. She was still out of state, when she called the office manager in our building to turn it on for her. A building employee was the sent to turn her water on and immediately left. After several 
hours the same employee noticed water pouring off the side of the balconies on the floor above mine. Since this happened, my insurance has informed me that this owner has no condo insurance. The office manager told my insurance company that a private contractor turned the water on, and the association had nothing to do with what happened. I spoke to the association employee who turned the water on and she told me that the office manager received a phone call from the owner and the manager sent her to the condo to turn the water on. She told me she was advised not to talk to me. This woman also cleans this woman’s condo, but she has no business insurance. I spoke to the owner, she would not tell me who her insurance company was, and also stated that this employee had no right to turn her water on? This owner told me that her ice maker hasn’t worked in years. My insurance has started subrogation against the owner. My understanding that this is a no fault state. I have 91 thousand in damages. My insurance has only paid me 15 thousand so far. Can I personally sue the association and this owner for damages? 

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