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HOA services cover
By CondoAssociation.com • March 17, 2017

Condo association only covers partial cost for exterior door replacements

Who is responsible for payment of replacement doors when the county building department requires the condo association to repair a structure? I have a situation where, in St. Johns County, Florida, inspectors have been assigned to inspect existing structures for code violations or unsafe structures.

Due to inspections of my Condo Building there was found to be rusting reinforcement steel that might fail and cause a failure to the floors of the building. To correct this, the tiles on the patios and the sliding doors opening on to the patios have to be removed to allow the work to be done as determined by the engineer and approved by the County.  Due to the concrete work, the County determined that the old doors could not be reused because the codes had changed and new impact resistant doors at approximately $3,000 each would have to be installed. The condo association has told the owners that they would pay for the removal of the old doors and the installation of the new doors but would not pay for the doors and frames themselves. The also stated that they would not replace the tile on top of the concrete floor after they had repaired the concrete floor.

I understand that if I break the latch or bust the glass that I am responsible but due to no fault of the owner the doors have to be replaced. The association is paying for the concrete work, why not the associated work that has to be done which is the replacement of the tile on the concrete floors and the sliding doors? Can anyone furnish information as to whether this is my responsibility or the association. I thought that is what reserves are paid for.

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