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Is owner getting over-charged on late condo fees?


My condo just got replaced with a new Management company and they replaced the the whole entire Board of Directors which were condo owners. Maybe due to inappropriate financial misplaced funds? And being that this condo has not been updated in the past 40 years? Last year I fell behind on my maintenance payments and had to go to Legal Aid once a lien was placed on my condo by the older Board Of Directors. So I was placed on a plan to pay back my arrears. Looking at the account status dated back March of 2013 through Jan 2017 I see payments with late fee's and interest that were placed in the billings, but I had till the 10th of every month to pay without getting any late fees. So my belief is while I was paying on time which I can show proof, they may have deposited my payments late and charged me the $25 late fee and interest. What should I do to recover or credit that back to me. Now with this new Management Company, who do I place this discrepancy to and re-evaluate this theory that I have about these payments.

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