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Who covers condo door repair costs?


I have a condo where there are two sets of patio doors side by side. The outside if the building is brick. The two doors are separated on the outside by about 18 inches of brick. There is a unit above mine. After 30 years, I can no longer close or open the doors and need to replace them.

When I’m standing outside on my patio and look at the concrete sill the doors are on, I can see they’re not level. There’s a crack in the concrete sill. Both doors tilt towards the center as the sill is no longer level. In other words, the doors toward that 18 inch brick separation are lower than the far outside portion of the doors.

I’m positive when they replace the doors, they will not be able to do so without somehow making that sill level.

Who pays for this? I believe this is a structural fault, not the simple replacement of two patio doors. I know I’m responsible for the doors, but who’s responsible for the sill?

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