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All condo assocation assessments not created fairly for owners


We live in a small condo townhouse in New York. There are 26 units in the condominium. During the previous Annual Meeting, 6 months ago, the board of directors informed the owners that this year some of the common elements will be upgraded/replaced. This year the board of directors decided to replace the patio doors. Some of the owners have already replaced their patio doors on their own expense with previous approval of the board. A week ago the owners received the letter from the property management company informing the owners that the old doors only will be replaced, but the special assessment will be charged to all owners equally. That means that the owner who have his patio doors already replaced will still have to pay for the new doors, but his doors will not be replaced! Considering the fact that the owners who have already paid once to have their patio doors replaced, obviously do not want to pay for the same thing again without benefiting from it, they want to change board's decision, but not sure if that is possible. My question is : Is there anything that can be done?   Thank you

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