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Condo association only lets some owners rent parking spaces


I live in a complex where each owner has a garage attached to park two vehicles.  We have guest parking in the complex that has 21 spaces.  We decided to rent out these spots at $35 per month.  We have rented one of these stalls.  I previously rented two but dropped one when I sold a car that I parked in the garage.  Now my son in law who just moved in bought a brand new car and wants to rent a stall.  Now I'm hearing all the stalls have been rented out.  During the day about five of the 21 stalls are occupied and the last two nights about 12 are unoccupied.  Can the association limit the parking when so much spaces are vacant?  I'm willing to pay the $30 to avoid my son to park his new car on the busy street where it may get damaged or worse get hit by a car.  I think the issue here is the manager is being controlling,and not being careful to lend out too many stalls.  Lots of parking available and no problems as far as guests parking.

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