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Resident parks commerical vehicle on HOA property


Live in a 300 home neighborhood. One resident got a vehicle (large box truck) exempted or grandfathered by builder before closing on his home. It's now 15 years later and since then he has changed vehicles to a large Sprinter van. We being a newer board since the beginning asked him to follow the covenants am not park this commercial vehicle in his driveway. He said he has a letter from builder allowing his work vehicle. Now another homeowner bought a sprinter van for a dog grooming business and is pointing out his vehicle as a precedence. We told her no way it would be allowed. We are wanting to go to original resident and tell him that since the original vehicle has changed it is not allowed. We have not allowed any other commercial vehicles in the neighborhood at any time. Can we revoke and force him to park this offsite?

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