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Condo association problems with short-term rentals


Our Florida condo association documents clearly state we have a minimum two week rental period. A few owners have for quite some time now rented their unit for one week and even just on weekends! We are an upscale 140 unit seaside complex. These owners advertise as well on quite a few online rental sites - our resident managers as well as Board members - have seen and downloaded feedback on some of these rental sites where their renters gave recommendations such as "nice place, would go back etc. BUT they have also said they were told by the unit owner when they registered at our on site office with our managers to say they "were friends or relatives of the owners" if staying for a shorter time!

We have had our attorneys long ago send then a certified letter with our rental Policies - to no avail. Our managers have spoken with them.

The turnaround times - with one housekeeper actually working sometimes at 9 pm moving furniture etc. - has also been annoying other owners. We have heard from them as well in this regard.

As a Board member, I have once again asked what our attorneys NOW recommend, as it seems we are out of options. They are ignoring us completely.
Have any others been successful with this problem?

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