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By CondoAssociation.com • January 26, 2017

Condo board gives away key and neighbor occupies owner's unit

A neighbor asked to use one of our units, and we agreed. She then asked to use the other unit, and I said my mother would be staying there. The door to the second unit was locked, while the one we agreed to we left the door unlocked (they live next door). Without contacting me when she realized the second condo was locked, she contacted a member of the Board who told her where to find the key. She then opened the unit, and when I arrived a few days later and my mother was shocked to find that she was occupying the unit. When I the neighbor came to apologize I asked her how she got in, and she told me the Board member told here where to find the key that the Board has for the unit. Do I have any remedy, or do I need to just learn a lesson and not allow neighbors to use any of my units? 

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