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By CondoAssociation.com • February 11, 2020

Condo board won't repair low water pressure problem

I own one of 13 units in a condominium building. My property is operated as a vacation rental. Every summer for the four years that I have owned the property, the water pressure in my unit is greatly diminished when the development starts the outside irrigating for the summer. The pressure becomes so bad, that the individuals occupying my property, are not able to shower, or flush, every day for often a few hours. My immediate next door neighbors experience the same problem. One other property owner indicated that their unit had the same problem, but that it was minimal. I have had to refund money to disgruntled guests. I have talked to our property management company, the water district, and the HOA Board of Directors. I cannot get anyone to take any action. Since this problem is not occurring just within the walls of my property, I feel like the HOA  should find a solution to remedy the problem. Any suggestions on what action I should take would be much appreciated. Thank You!  Montana 

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