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Condo building susceptible to trespassers


A heating and cooling contractor was installing a new HVAC unit on the roof and also doing work in the mechanical room. Master keys were provided on a key chain to the contractors by the association for their access to different areas. Sometime on September 4th the keys went missing. They were last seen hanging on the electrical room door. Police were called and a report was filed. It is now September 29th and the keys have not been located. The president of the board has been slow in getting a locksmith to have these locks changed. This condominium, since it is a seashore property will be vacant with the exception of two units. The concern is that whoever took the keys will wait until the building is almost empty before returning to take any valuables. The president is extremely irresponsible in not taking prompt action. Today is September 29th without action. The board president has resigned effective 10/5. What recourse do owners have?  New Jersey

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