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Creating Team for Transitioning Condo Association From Developer


Laying the Groundwork: The Condo Developer Transition Committee

Enlightened property developers recognize that they have an interest in ensuring a successful transition and will do all they can to facilitate the process with the condo association. A good first step is for the condo developer to appoint a developer transition committee to work with the property developer and the developer-controlled condo association board throughout the pre-transition period. This condo committee can serve as a liaison between the developer and condo owners, offering suggestions and relaying concerns to the developer and conveying essential information about condo management issues and construction plans from the developer to the owners.

Establishing and maintaining open and constructive communications between condo owners and the developer during the pre-transition period can do much to ensure a smooth transition when that time comes. The transition condo committee can also provide an effective training ground for condo owners, many of whom are embarking on their first condo board experience. Working with the condo developer, observing condo board meetings and learning about the decision-making process may provide the only advance training these owners and future condo board members receive before they assume responsibility for governing their condo association.

Some developers, as noted, will create developer transition committees well in advance and even provide some condo association funds to support them. But if the developer doesn't establish a transition committee, owners can and should take that step on their own. Condo owners don't need the developer's permission or approval to create an condo committees and begin preparing for the devloper transition to come. This is a good time for condo owners to begin learning what it means to be responsible for the condo association or HOA in which they live.

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