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Condo buildings and the nuisance of noise


I've been a condo owner for a year and half now in Chicago. Prior to my purchase, I asked many questions specific to noise. I also had several visits during the purchase period and no issues. Then I moved in. My neighbor next door stopped over and mentioned the sound challenges. Sure enough, I can hear everything. The people above me (HOA President) have a child the runs up and down hall ( hardwood) and plays with a drum set. I have a dog that is terrified of both and goes and hides. I have approached them a few times about the noise and they "try their best" to control it. It's a kid, I get it. One night they let him play with pots and pans, banging them on the floor repeatedly for twenty minutes. I did go up ask they please stop and they became offended, telling me I needed to deal with it and should consider sound proofing. I did report this to the board as we do have a nuisance clause for quiet enjoyment in addition to quiet hours, The board recommend they put carpets down ( they declined). to date, it's not been better. I don't think sound proofing will work at all. I'm still very surprised I can hear actual conversations in addition to other things. Is there anything the HOA should do? I'm running out of options, next step will be selling this place. I feel like I was given a lot of misinformation when buying and frustrated with the noise, which is constant.

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