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By CondoAssociation.com • July 13, 2015

Condo president and property manager out-maneuver secretary

An email with false statements was sent to a bank officer, supposedly written and signed by me, the Secretary of the Association. The association president and property manager met with the officer and signed papers without my knowledge of anything. When I voiced strong objection and refused to sign the physical [false) letter, the Vice President (who also knew nothing about the meeting or changes) wrote a malicious, slanderous, email to the group, asking that I step down as a board member. A vote is being taken, and I have no doubt that I'll be ousted. I had a run in with the president and property manager in early July after they paid for a project (which started in his unit) from the reserves, with no notice or permission. (The plumber broke a sewer line in the process) This expenditure was only made known a month later when the property manager had to show figures at a condo meeting reflecting that the reserves had almost been depleted. No procedures are followed, yet I am the only owner (of 10) who objects, I believe because the president is very charming and popular. When I make waves, he begins to write individual owners privately; I do no know what he tells them. Even if an owner agrees with me initially, he soon persuades them otherwise. Are there any improprieties going on here, or am I completely wrong?  Louisiana

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