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By CondoAssociation.com • April 3, 2019

Condo trustees step over the line

At my condo community, the Board of Trustees - who correctly can be described as the power hungry "Condo Dictators" of your nightmares  in their positions for 10++ years (and don't tell me "run for Board"- I have year after year, but first- they don't leave and second, when one moved, they hand picked her successor) have now, I believe, just gone too far. 

We just received a notice that in 2 weeks - all non car/motorcycle items are outlawed!  Scooters (which are road licensed) rollerblades (we don't have sidewalks- so that's not issue), skateboards, etc. This is a small, private-road village...a cul de sac w/about 5 bld up each side, speed bumps throughout, a horseshoe back parking lot/driveway around the whole back/outside. So basically a relatively "safe" little village.

We were just informed that along with the aforementioned "vehicles" (rollerblades!?), BIKES are no longer allowed!!! Kids can't ride a bike! (A woman & her 2 kids just rode by my balcony- and I told them to get it all in- as 2 weeks from now- it's OUTLAWED!!)

Have any others dealt with this!?

I don't have kids, live on 1st floor, get up at 4am- and don't love kids out riding in the summer- some nights till 9pm- but even I think this is absolutely over the line!! Ironically- none of the board members are even that close to "action"- either facing main street- where the kids don't generally ride- and/or live on 2nd floor- so with lawn- bikes are nowhere near their balconies!!

This just seems like it has crossed the line of a dictator squeezing the life out of the community!  Massachusetts

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