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Designated handicapped spot in the condominium parking lot


This question is submitted by Victor M. out of Colorado


I’m having an issue with parking at my condominium. I’ve unfortunately had a recent injury that left me permanently disabled. I have a parking spot far from the elevator door on an incline which is nearly impossible to walk to as a double amputee. 

I’ve sent a message to the general managers. They have not replied. I have a rapport with a lot of the front desk and they say the management’s excuse is that all the spots in the 8-story parking garage are owned. 

There is one single designated handicapped spot in the building and they said I should try to swap with another owner. Shouldn’t they make a handicapped spot? Or, if not, is their role to try to find an owner to swap with for a parking spot closer to the door or make a designated handicapped spot?




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