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Disorganized HOA meetings becoming a problem


Our small Condo in Maryland consisting of less than 30 units, holds annual/election meetings where Robert's Rules are not followed although they are called for in our Association's  bylaws and our Property Manager effectively takes over our meetings. This leads to sheer anarchy during our meetings, and to threats of adjourning our meetings and me being arrested when I try to get acknowledged by the meeting chair by using Robert's Rules and calling out Point of Order, Point of Information, etc. as allowed by our bylaws.
I do what I am doing because of so much misinformation is being presented by particular Association officers, and because our bylaws and the Maryland Condominium Act in my opinion are not being obeyed, and because recommendations made in our audits by our auditor are not being addressed by the Board.  And perhaps it is not surprising we do not have enough in our Reserves to pay for very large expenditures in the immediate future that are identified in a 2015 Reserve Study. And we are about to develop our 2017 budget!
Suggestions, advice, and shared experiences would be very much appreciated

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