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By CondoAssociation.com • May 24, 2021

Do condo owners need property insurance?

Our declaration states 'Insurance coverage on the furnishings and
other items of personal property belonging to a Unit Owner and
casualty and public liability insurance coverage within each Unit
are specifically made the responsibility of each Unit Owner, and
each Unit Owner must furnish a copy of his insurance policy to the

Our declarations are circa 1982. My question is, does this mean the owner needs to have property insurance for their condo? The declaration states the owner owns the interior walls inward of the condo, but it is unclear to me why proof of insurance for furnishing and personal property would be required to the COA and not property insurance. As to what the owner owns, 'The individual ownership of each Unit space herein defined shall further include the interior construction, partitions, appliances, fixtures and improvements which are intended to exclusively serve such Unit' space, such as interior room walls, floor coverings or finish , closets, cabinets , shelving, individual bathroom and kitchen fixtures, heating , ventilation and air conditioning ducts, plumbing and appliances, individual lighting and electrical fixtures, wiring and conduits and other separate items or chattels belonging exclusively to such Unit, any of which may be removed, replaced, disposed of or otherwise treated without affecting any other Unit space or ownership, use or enjoyment thereof.'

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