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Do we need a licensed arborist do an annual assessment?


This question is submitted by Marie. out of CT

We have had some large piece of trees come down this year. The property manager is having one taken down, and says it has been half dead. I said we used to have a licensed arborist do an annual assessment, that was also for insurance purposes. The property manager thinks that having them look around is just as good. (I didn't remind her that she was OK with having a known "half dead" tree where people garden, sit under a patio table, etc. Luckily nobody was injured. Does anyone know for premises liability/insurance if a person not an arborist does a "look see" that is sufficient? The property manager doesn't see any added value in having an annual qualified assessment. I don't know who to ask? Our condo insurance agency are lame ducks - they always say, Oh, I can't deal with "hypotheticals" if I say if a tree comes down on someone, does it matter if we have annual assessments and care for anything identified? That if a portion of a tree came down that was deemed healthy, does it make any difference?


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