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By CondoAssociation.com • April 22, 2017

Electrical for all condos in the building is wired to my unit

I moved into a three unit building about two months ago and updated my panel and all my electrical. In doing so I discovered all of the common area lighting (9) lights, the hardwired smokes, and the outlets for all units in the basement storage areas are on my panel. Included other units Verizon boxes and washer/dryers. There is no common panel in the building. Also there are four radiators on a separate zone on my furnace that are controlled with the same heat in my unit. So if I have the heat on in my condo, I am also simultaneously heating the basement and common hallway. 

When I closed I was handed a piece of paper saying the other two owners were trustees and took over running the association. I asked them to have a meeting and they ignored my request. I then followed up letting them know I could email them my concerns and we could go from there. I am drafting my response but also trying to gather as much information as possible. 

How do I force the association to pay for a common panel? I am going to allow them time to rewire their basement outlets, but at some point can I just disconnect them from my panel. Can I offer them to pay a portion of my condo fee in exchange for powering the common areas? Just looking for some legal advice and direction on what I can do in this case. 

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