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Flooded basements in condos and HOAs are always a headache


Your site (different points of view) is great. I don't know what to do except to get out of this condo complex ASAP.

My basement to my condo, got water on the floor in 2012 and flooding in 2014. The condo association won't use the sump pump, as the condo building is built with this option to use. The city I live in, doesn't require use of a sump pump. At the condo complex I'm in, I've notice a condo for sale, where the condo was vacant for over four years.

Yesterday, I noticed a recent note on the front door, by the city, saying this condo isn't (by city regulations) livable. The condo association, as far as my basement goes, indicates their behavior as: flooding in your basement is your problem..live with it. Flooding can result in mold (which may explain why the other condo can't be occupied), which mold can GROW into other condos!

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