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Hidden damage in bathroom, what should I do?


This question is submitted by Roger  M. out of Pompano Beach, FL

My husband and I recently bought a condo together.

We walked through the home and did a somewhat inspection. The biggest issue was in the guest bathroom we noticed that the wall has a soft spot. Because the owner didn’t want to budge, we couldn’t investigate the severity of the damage. We weren’t allowed to do any invasive work. We decided to purchase the condo anyhow as it was within our budget and we had to act quickly to avoid paying crazy rent prices.

Fast forward to today and getting estimates on all the damage.

There have tons of leaks... bathtub/shower and toilet has previously leaked, looks like upstairs unit leaked into our bathroom ceiling It looks like the previous owner was negligent in getting the proper work done. I know that my HOA is responsible for the structural components but the biggest concern is, Can I be held liable for the negligence of the previous owner?


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