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By CondoAssociation.com • February 20, 2017

How can condo board selectively enforce rules?

I have lived in a four building 48 unit condominium for the past nine years. The condo board and management seem to enforce the rules to select owners; the condo board did a walk around and sent violation letters to 24 owners or two buildings.

I was told I had to remove my satellite dish by a certain date or they would have it removed and charge me for it. I responded a couple times explaining the previous board allowed satellite dish as long as it was not installed on the roof of the building. The management and the condo board could find this in the meeting notes about four years ago. Then I was told different unit owner showed a letter of approval so they were allowed to keep their dish. I have been searching the past nine years of personal papers and found my letter but they have already removed the dish.

My question is am I responsible to pay the invoice they sent to me. Also would like to know if the condo board and management can selectively enforce rules?

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