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How can condo end up in pre-foreclosure?


I am writing on the behalf of my aging father. He is owner of the HOA condo. Two years ago, he received the bill from the HOA with request to pay for plumbing repairs which was done in the lower floor unit. My father condo is on the second floor. No explanation of what plumbing repair was done, and if it was my father fault. He continue to receive letters with later fees and other fees.
A week ago , my father received the letter from the Law company that represents HOA, stating that it is pre-foreclosure notice. If he does not pay $3,000 with in one months or dispute the amount, the HOA Law Firm will proceed to foreclosure my father's condo.
All this time. my father was paying monthly assessment fees $285.00, and the HOA applied it toward plumbing repair. I do not even know, if it is allowed ? Is it allowed to make this kind of practices ?
The condo is my father's, no mortgage. Is it possible HOA/law firm to foreclose my father's condo ? What should he do ? Is it worrisome ?
Thank you for respond.

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