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Where does it say HOA will pay for Air Conditioning?


I just found out from a neighbor that the HOA paid for her AC replacement for $3,500. Supposedly there is some rule written somewhere that the original AC unit is covered by the HOA. I have nothing that states this. I replaced mine when I purchased my unit 4 years ago at a cost of $4,500. I asked the previous board president who has since resigned and moved where this is written. He stated he had never seen it written any where but knew that the board president before him had hers replaced with hoa funds. So probably 6-10 years ago. I also know that a current board member had his replaced with hoa funds. I am on the board it was never disclosed last October that $3500 was spent to replace my neighbors unit. I know there are people in this community that have original units that don’t work but haven’t replaced due to the cost. I’m livid this is a secret that only certain board members know about. My neighbor had no idea it was covered until her neighbor, board VP told her. My question is where do I start to find this “secret”? It’s not in the bylaws. I received nothing but the bylaws when I purchased. No CC&R, house rules, etc. I bought blindly 4 years ago. I am learning a lot from this website. I want to see this in writing or prove it’s not in writing before I confront the hoa officers about this. For one thing it is totally unfair to owners that this is a secret and secondly this complex has been mismanaged for so long it cannot afford to pay for owners ac units. I am in upstate NY if that helps. Thank you for help.

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