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By CondoAssociation.com • May 27, 2017

How do we get our HOA parking space back?

Last week, our board decided to change our second parking space to one from one in front of our house to one four houses down.

This was apparently due to complaints our neighbor made about how he couldn't back up out of his garage because our minivan was "too large" (he pulls into the garage just fine - he's 80 years old by the way). In reaction to this, the board moved our parking space to a two-car lot four houses down, but the issue with this is that it is also where the snow plow piles up the snow.

We worked with our neighbor about how we should park the van outside, since there are height issues with our garage (we have a car in there as well), and after some trial and error, we moved our van up just enough for the car in our garage to back up and his car to back up. Later that day, the board finalized the decision for our parking space (it was moved), and we went to go talk to our neighbor about it. He seemed to have forgotten that we had made a decision that there was only a slight change needed, and was asking us why the snow removal conditions for the new parking spot (four houses down) would matter in summer, after we had already told him about it the day before.

So what I'm asking is that is there anything we can do to get our parking spot back? I will have to check if the spot is mentioned in the deed, and snow removal issues are a major concern because it snows a lot up here. If the snow plow drivers put snow in the lot, we have to park a block away. If necessary, I can provide a layout of the old and new parking spaces.

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