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How to handle hoarder in infested and unclean condo unit?

Posted by CondoAssociation.com on Mon, Oct 2, 2017 @ 06:40 AM
In one of the properties I manage we have an owner who has mental and physical issues, and as a result cannot clean her apartment and is a hoarder. She can't bathe because there is too much garbage everywhere. The place is infested with roaches that are spreading to all other units. Its a very sad situation for the owner and everyone else. A month ago she fell in her bathroom and lay there for 2 days until someone heard her and the fore department broke down her door to gain access and took her to the hospital, she then moved to rehab, and is due back next week. The association has exercised its rights to enter the unit and treat for infestation multiple times. We have insisted that she hire a cleaner and exterminator. She hasn't paid her maintenance in years so a fine would not make a difference. The town health department has inspected the unit and does not deem the unit uninhabitable even though there is human feces all over the carpets. She can't remove her garbage because she can't walk that far so calls the fire department to remove it. The association agreed to have the super come to her door every Monday to remove her bagged garbage. She has no family members to help her and she only gets a small check from the state, so can't afford cleaning and exterminating. We can charge her back but then our vendors wouldn't get paid. She is a danger to herself and others but nobody else seems to think so (her social worker, health department). This has been going on for years (I just took over this property). Even after spraying all units the infestation grows and we are seeing rats now. The unit is in foreclosure but could take years. 

Does anyone have any advise? Our attorney hasn't come up with much because it's a condo...difficult to challenge. 

Tags: Disabilities & Owner Rights

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