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IL condo owner stopped paying fees 6 years ago


knocking-on-condo-door.jpgMy mom has a condo that has an association that does absolutely nothing.

We have been flooded twice, and the insurance company helped replace the floor for a certain price and they advised us that they included an additional check for property damage but it would be made out to our association.

Our association guy never answers his door or cuts the grass, nor does he pay the city for garbage nor shovels snow. My younger brother has done it all.

My mom has stopped paying her fee for the last 6 years. We have noticed the association guy has started traveling, buying his condo new windows, and bought a new car.

Keep in mind my mother's contract states $250 monthly for association fees, and he had the nerve to tell my mom that she needed to pay double because she has a two apartment combined condo.

All owners united to ask him for all receipts to prove the amounts he was paying and he denies us. He will not provide contact info of the association he was appointed through either. How can we fight this guy?

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