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By CondoAssociation.com • March 9, 2016

Insurance implications for skateboarding park

skate-park-condo.jpegI’m looking for some feedback on the following - I had a call from a resident community manager of a 300+ townhome community about escalating problems relating to young family members of owners, renters and some non-resident visitor friends doing the following:

1. Defacing tennis/basketball court’s surfaces;

2. Blocking sidewalks and streets from car and foot traffic;

3. Creating hazardous/potentially damaging activities in and around carports;

4. Surly responses to unit owners, board members and association employees when cautioned of potential injury;

5. Noise disruption to owners inside units close to their activities;

6. Suspected damage to association property due to cement defacing and possible fencing/piping rails abuse.

The board set a policy of “No Skateboarding” several years ago. At that time, and since, articles have been repeated in association newsletters.

When a written complaint has been filled, the board instructs the manager to send violation letters. Most parents and unit owners of the violators have come before the board criticizing the association for not accommodating these children and their guests. Recently, one offender has offered to raise money to help the association build a concrete area to skateboard.

The board has some members who would like to accommodate these children/parents if possible. The manager is afraid the cost would be prohibitive, and getting an affirmative vote from the ownership to spend association’s monies would be impossible.

The board’s and manager’s question is the insurance coverage implications now or later if an accommodation could be arranged. Any thoughts?

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