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Leaky Toilet Becomes Legal Nightmare for Maryland Condo Dweller


Hello, I had a strange situation occur with my property manager and prior damages that had occurred from my unit in 2012. In November 2012 my toilet overflowed and the water kept running, I was not home and it leaked down to the unit below me on 2nd floor and the common area on the first floor. The management company was called and emergency workers were sent out to assess the damage. Subsequently, other workers were sent out to fix all damages by the management company.

We have had faulty construction and many problems with toilets throughout our building- I digress.

I contacted my insurance company and put in the claim. I had many phone calls with the insurance company and then a month or so later, I contacted them to see if they got all information from the management company since they had been difficult and generally unresponsive.

After speaking to my insurance company, they said that everything had been taken care of.

I spoke with my property manager in May 2015 after a meeting where I voiced my opposition to a board proposed amendment. She said "I was told not to say anything, but your file has been on the attorney's desk because we have not received payment for the damages and we're about to send you a notice and you will be charged $500 for attorneys fees"

I was so confused because it had been 2 and 1/2 years since the incident and there has not been mention by my insurance company or the board in regards to this issue. 

I spoke with the insurance company and they said that 10 attempts had been made to my management company and there was no response and a settlement had been sent to them.

The insurance company was waiting for a signature on the settlement before issuing a check. Why would the management company not sign the settlement? Ignore my insurance company? Waste money drafting a letter from an attorney? Waste their own money and not want to be compensated?

I got involved with management and the insurance company, and then my management company signed the settlement and check was issued. It took 2 phone calls and 2 emails.

Does this violate management responsibility? Thanks.

-Mel in MD

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