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Neighbor wont remove flag and stickers from front door


Our rules and regulations state no political signs of any type in common area or in a window that is visible to the outside. We have a renter that has been fighting with the neighbor and board about flying her LBGQT flag. The board has refused her requests for over a year. She resorted to putting LBGQT stickers on his front door, The exit doors to his building and mini LBGQT flags in bushes outside his unit. She, the renter, was sent a cease and desist letter about 4 months ago for harassing the board members. 2 days ago she sent one board member an email threatening to sue the HOA unless they let her hang her flag. She stated she's contact the ACLU and filed a complaint about the HOA. Does the HOA have to give in and let her display her flag? The owner seems to be a wimp and wont say anything to her.  Colorado

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